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Volcano City.
(and a little tribute to Moebius at the same time).

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doodle b4 bed

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photos © connor macrae

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if you leave it up to me there’s a ridiculously small chance i’m not gonna draw the yog ladies(also i wanted to draw zoeya’s new outfit ovo ♥)

oh! and they’re transparent! ♥♥♥

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rubee rose

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portal noises

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imagine the inquistor getting hot n heavy with their LI

it’s romantic, it’s beautiful, it’s intimate, the romance music is swelling to a crescendo

and then the inquisitor’s hand starts to glow green so they have to call solas in to figure out wtf is going on

the inquisitor is sitting there half naked with their LI wearing only a sock and a belt

and solas is like ‘fascinating, fascinating, perhaps its triggered by sexual stimuli’ 

and the inquisitor is like ‘varric can never know about this bc he will write about this and if he writes about this i will let thedas fall’

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Brendan George Ko

proof of existence

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Sometimes you just need to sit down and enjoy a summer day.


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>  You decide it was time to rank up with the boy.

The other type of p4 AU where Altair and Malik are students at a Japanese high school and solve murder mysteries and kiss and hold hands and are boyfriendssspppbbbbbbbppttttttttttttttttttttt…………..

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