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critical mission failure

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cuddle pile for yog lady love week!!!

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oh my goddddd

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slay mama

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leaps into the trash

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There is no number five.

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The most important tip I could ever give towards drawing/creating good comics is to read comics. Good, bad, mediocre, read them all and learn from them.

Webcomics I love :: Nimona | Monsieur Charlatan | Hemlock | Prague Race | Lost Nightmare

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figuring out complicated designs in perspective doesnt have to make you mad so here is good tips to keep in mind. can be used for all kinds of things

Bloody brilliant. Thank you!

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I drawded Pyrrha!

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ruby was pushed ahead two years based on her combat experience but i get the feeling her theory is probably not…great……she tends to fly by the seat of her pants in battle so writing about combat strategy would probably be her weakness.  IDK IF BEACON HAS WRITTEN TESTS BUT THE ESSAY QUESTIONS WOULD PROBABLY BE…AWFUL…..

weiss is reluctantly helping her study and is kind of baffled by how behind ruby is, particularly in dust theory.  how can this kid be so bad?????????  she’s only helping b/c the entire team’s score will go down if ruby fails.  that’s the only reason.  obviously.

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Drown me in rwby rock

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