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What if Smiffy was trying to make a little army of lil smiffs but ever time he made them he shrunk a little bit and one day trott who was slowly getting annoyed by all this noticed Smiffy was about the same height as him and he looks at Smiffy with a really grumpy ass look saying "...you've made more haven't you" then a muffled Ross scream in the distance is heard
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Does Smiffy purr if he gets petted or something?


ohhh my god

it was cute when they first found him, he was like a small slimey cube cat

but now its just

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In the same vein, whenever I think of the most beautiful, perfect place in the world, I always think of Positano, Italy where my family used to go on vacations when I was very little.  It’s a small but beautiful town clinging to the side of a cliff.  I also included some photos from Cinque Terre and the glowing Grotta Azurra (Blue Grotto) in Capri.  All of these will inspire certain locations visited in Sister Claire.

Looking at pictures of these places makes me ache, it’s been too long since I was able to visit.

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heey I tried painting on one layer

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Imagine if trott was secretly a walrus selkie this entire time because he's afraid of someone stealing his skin and he doesn't want them to see his gross (in his opinion) face but then one day Smiffy happens to see him without his skin and he's just like "who the fuck are you?!"


ross leaves smiffy to figure out who it is the hard way

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Transparent Flux Buddies for your blog or whatever you want to put them on!

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xephos the adventurer, the hero, savior of minecraftia

who hears the ghost of a past he shouldn’t remember, one with no desert heat. in this past there are only cool, clean laboratory walls, hallways full of technology he could never understand in his waking hours

he sees the facility in his dreams, and though they call him by the same name, he can tell that it’s not the same him in that world, in that life. they never call him by a title, but he can tell that he’s no hero there.

he thinks he might even be the villain.

it scares him how familiar it all seems sometimes.

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